Often marketed as Super Gold or Yellow , Super Yellow isn’t technically a strain in and of itself. The yellow in Super Yellow refers to the color resulting from the harvesters’ signature fermentation process. It DOES NOT refer to a natural vein color. As most of you probably already know, there are only three naturally occurring kratom vein colors—green, red and white, respectively. Unlike other gold and yellow strains, Super Yellow Kratom is not simply splayed out on rocks beneath a scorching sun. Instead, batches of kratom leaves are bagged up and left to ferment for a controlled period of time. This fermentation, coupled with natural photo-oxidation, yields higher-than-normal alkaloid concentrations. It also alters the chemical structure of the plant matter, producing a micronized powder that contains a richer assortment of terpenoid indole alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides and polyphenols.


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